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Both my daughters, at one time or another, confronted me with the same message, “Dad, your website is boring and boring is not the dad we know.”

I thought to myself, “Of course it’s boring. It’s a pointer, just a table of contents to my quotes.” One daughter and a certain Ms. HH gave me the same hollow question mark stare that meant, “That might be what it is; but that’s not enough.” One daughter advised that a blog has to be …something, something…something, ….. Now, make no mistake, I’m sure she told me something important; but all I can say I really got was that I just need to be me, that is the “me” she and her sister know.

Well, that begs the question, “Who is me?” Like most people, “me” is made up of a lot of interests and ideas. In my case that means a bunch of things are constantly swirling in my head, few of which seem to be enough of anything I could choose and stay on topic long enough to keep a blog going. My oldest daughter’s answer was, “No worries, just write what comes to mind, you know like you make up stuff on the spur of the moment all the time.” So, I decided to subscribe to her advice and take the eclectic, variety-is-the-spice-of-life, this-‘n-that approach as a serious possibility.  That way I can write from the “whoever-I-am-the-day-of-the-post” point of view. I left her and immediately went to my office and as a test, I wrote the first thing that came to my mind.

Now, here is the problem. What came to my mind then has nothing to do with the quote I am putting up today. In my mind it makes no sense for the blog to ignore the quote being added to the product line. I mean, shouldn’t the new quote (at least one of them if more than one is added) be in harmony with the post?

So, long story short, there is now a new day at I’m not sure what it means, but that’s the point—whatever it means, we will find out together.

Today, you get my more serious side as the quote is about commitment. For those of you who take everything very seriously, enjoy these momentary excursions I sometimes take away from “fun,” as the trip to serious is not likely to last long. Don’t’ get me wrong, I do have serious bones in my body and I have a special appreciation for commitment, particularly when it comes to Holy Matrimony. It’s just that most of the time there will be syrup mixed with what some call the medicine of seriousness. You will see that two-headed approach when I begin to put up quotes in the categories “Overheard, The Queen” balanced with “Overheard, The King.” Not to be left out will come “Enjoy Relationship Highs” balanced with “Endure Relationship Lows.”

So hang on, it’s a New Day at  By the way, you will get that first “me” blog someday.  After all, I was liberated to know I can put up a blog post even when I don’t have a new quote ready. For now enjoy the first quote from the category “Embrace Holy Matrimony.”

You may click on the images to be taken to the product(s) on which these quotes are displayed.  Only two products currently have a front and back side, so only those two show both quotes.






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  1. Heather

    This great, and your daughter is right! Looking forward to more!


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