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The links above will take you to your choice of StoryCardsTM and Greeting Cards displaying short stories, poems, quotes, and quips. or to our apparel and household portal for  T-SHIRTS, CUPS/MUGS, and HOUSEHOLD items.

StoryCards provide a way to offer stories and other literary works using greeting card formatting.  The fact that StoryCards are a surprise to greeting card expectation make them great gifts to anyone who enjoys a great story. That is, unlike typical greeting cards, the primary purpose is not to express a sentiment, but rather to offer the gift of a story, poem, or some other literary work.   Please browse and enlarge our cards and tell us what  you think of the stories

TBICDTM is a tag-along concept with StoryCards and was created as a lighthearted way to express that the limitations of StoryCards are recognized, but are, indeed, The Best I Can Do.

As you visit here, note that there are two pages that provide links directly to products.  From our “Writings Product List” page and our “Window To My World” page, direct links are provided to some items.  Those items display as webpage links and are in color in most cases.

Please take a look around at all “Quotes-Quips-Greeting Cards & StoryCards“.  Soon our “GIFT Quotes Product” site will be filled with more original quotes, as we will continually add to the list of products.   Please take the opportunity to read and enjoy or purchase products.

We look forward to your visits and hope you visit often.  We will add more and more literary materials from poems about life, relationships,  and goodbyes to short stories featuring tales of pets, people, incidents, and even household objects such as washing machines, all written to help you smile, laugh, and sometimes to allow you to journey deep into your emotions.

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Read blogs you missedSee our blog page and catch up. Check out my  Quotes/Writings Product ListThis list identifies quotes added to my product site. Check out Window To My WorldThis lists longer than quotes literary works such as short stores and poems.

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  1. Kiesh N

    Hello Mr. Ulysses I know it took me awhile to subscribe, but I have done so per our spotify conversation 🙂 God Bless and we look forward to many updates!

    1. Ulysses (Post author)

      So glad to have you aboard. I see that you have not confirmed your subscription. Please do so in order to receive future updates and posts.

  2. Valerie Petr Ross

    Hi. So glad I met you in line at Whole Foods, and thank you for sharing ideas for places to visit in Chicago! Have a blessed week. Val Petr Ross

    1. Ulysses (Post author)

      I enjoyed our “snack” of a conversation and I wish the clerk had taken long enough with the customer in front of us to have allowed us to make a complete meal of it.
      Enjoy your trip and if possible send a few pictures. I journal and I would find it interesting if you made some notes about what you see and it would be even better if you coupled with your notes, your thoughts about what you see.
      Enjoy and be safe


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