Social Distancing Song Of Relief

I like writing short stories, poems, quotes and music to express how I feel. Right now, I’m dealing with not being able to roller skate weekly due to Covid-19 and that makes me feel really bad.

My thought is that some of you may also have some feelings you wish you could express. I had hoped to write such a song. Before I got going, I found a song online that has the perfect lyric. I have memorized the lyrics and I will likely put in on my pocket voice recorder so I can be sure to pitch it correctly when I sing it. It is written by a music teacher that captured my feelings completely, so I will share what I found with you hoping that it gives you the relief it gives me every time I sing it.

The video starts in a TV newsroom where the the teacher is introduced. I hope you enjoy it.

Comments (3)

  1. Patti

    This was absolutely priceless! I think this is my favorite Covid song of all time. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. ulysses

      My pleasure Patti.

      Be sure to invite your friends. It works best when you find a way to get them to look without giving away what it is. This one is best when the viewer is caught off guard.

  2. Jan Test

    This caught me off guard. It is absolutely Hilarious.

    Thank you


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