Window To My World

Like most people, my world consists of varied facets. For purposes here, I am referencing  my other world, one that is filled with writing—poems, short stories, essays, articles, even a parenting book, and more.   I make that “other”  distinction because most people know me as a software developer.  Of course, I have been known to tell a joke here and there and close friends know that I write from time to time; but I am certainly not known as a writer.

In general, my writing was meant to be consumed by family and very close friends.  For that reason most titles have never been published. At some point, access to some will be made available here. Following is a list of a few of my favorites.

NOTE:  11/22/2015:  Growing! — Two short stories available, now only in StoryCard™ form.  Click this link to see cards for both stories
——–“Prince, Poodle, Pooch, or Person?” Three StoryCard™ Set
———“Junetag Bravo Spit & Spin” One StoryCard™ Set


Silent Beauty

Drawbridge Strategy (an expose’)

Drawbridge Strategy Preempted (the other side has its own plan)

Faces Of Goodbye

—–     Goodbye, Paradox Of Love

—–     Goodbye—Don’t Go Surrogate

—–     Unrequited Valediction Abridged

—–     Unrequited Valediction Unabridged

—–     Don’t Go, The concealment

—–     If Only…Don’t Go

Eclectic Perceptions Of Yesterday

Lost Without My Shadow

Scary Beast—Uncertainty

Eagle VS Vulture, Dichotomous Birds Of Campus Play

The Other Side Of Disappointment


Prince, Poodle, Pooch, Or Person? (His act said, “Power To The Poodle” to two Doberman Pinschers).  THIS IS A THREE StoryCard™ SET.  Choose all three for  the complete story.

Niki No No

Junetag Bravo Spit & Spin (Maiden voyage with our energy-efficient washer).  THIS IS A ONE StoryCard™ SET.

Sedja and Jason (a tale that links the poems in “Faces  Of Goodbye”)

Shoofly Pie, Springboard To Misadventures

The Blessing Of Nothing

On Breaking The Pacifier Habit

MISC (a book, various essays, a peek into my profile gallery)

Tya, The Ultimate Closer

Finya, Tya Unbridled

Sedja, The Innocent

Sedja, Behind The Masquerade

Parenting Postulates (A “parent do” not “child do” illustration describing some events and principles employed when rearing our two daughters.  It was written to commemorate the joy of parenting.)

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