Story Book Dog Calendar — “Prince, Poodle, Pooch, Person?”

“Prince, Poodle, Pooch, or Person?” is a dog-calendar / dog-story told in sections, one month at a time, on what might be described as a dog-calendar-story-book.

Unlike a dog calendar having only pictures, this calendar is, indeed, a dog calendar that describes in story form the antics and personality of a  Poodle ‘who’ truly wanted to be human.  Along the way, you learn how he fooled us and two Doberman Pinscher bad guys and, in pictures, you see the unmistakeably deep love shared between a young girl and  the Poodle she loved.

Click below on the little rascal with sunglasses and link to all three dog calendar sizes.  After selecting and clicking on one of the three calendars, click on “view calendar pages.”  You might then be able to read section titles on the face behind the sunglasses.

Click below on the view overlooking the very canyon where Prince surprised and fooled the Dobermans and link directly to month by month views of the calendars.

A note of caution: If you choose to make a purchase, remember that it is possible to start your calendar on any month; so make sure you select the starting month you want.  No matter what starting month you choose, the story begins in the month of January.

Multi-P-(CAL )--ZMP-101 T04B02 PrincePPP-00 Calendar Cover        b-PrincePPP-01 -T03A02 JAN

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  1. KBb

    LOL This is great! I may purchase one when I get the money 🙂


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