“It’s A Grandparent’s World” Has New Quotes.

As stated earlier, I will continue to add to the list of quotes.  As you can see on the “CATEGORY/Quote List” page, there are many more categories yet to be populated.  For now, three new quotes have been added to category, “It’s A Grandparent’s World.”  One is displayed below.

These quotes are offered on my product site for your review and are available on a few products, currently on Drinkware and T-shirts.  Your comments will help decide whether they will be displayed on other products or not.

Click the the quote to go to my product site to see the other quotes in category, “It’s A Grandparent’s World.”  While there click on “Home” and follow the links to look at all the quotes in each of the three portals.  You might find just the right gift for just the right person, who just might be you.

Home-Training 101

Home-Training 101

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